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08/09/19 04:38 PM #724    


Diana Holmes (Brown)

There was a reunion meeting or event scheduled for August 24  I don’t remember exactly what it was for. I put it in my calendar but didn’t think about noting what it was about. Can any of the other reunion committee members tell me why this was scheduled?  HELP!

08/14/19 12:04 PM #725    


Dave Froberg

The Class of '67 is having a get together at the Elements on Aug. 24. You may be thinking of that.


08/17/19 07:18 PM #726    


Diana Holmes (Brown)

Could be. I thought it had something to do with our reunion committee. 

09/15/19 08:40 AM #727    


Denise Dishon (Winegardner)

Amazing story in Newark Advocate today/Sunday Sept.15th....about Phil Jenkins Dad !  We were so fortunate to grow up in the Generation of Children of our Parents who experienced sooo much and appreciated their lives & fought so Valiantly  for our Freedom !  


09/19/19 01:32 PM #728    


Margaret Patyrak (Jenkins)

Thank you for posting the message about Phil's dad's military assignment.  We knew he played a significant role in WW II.  Yes, we are blessed individuals and families. Enjoy the fall foliage in Central Ohio.



11/06/19 08:47 PM #729    


Larry Wilson

I received a message on our Facebook page from a Penny Bettencourt Falk.  She said she moved away as a Freshman.  She is trying to find a Kathy Young.  Does anyone know either Penny or Kathy and can they help Penny out?  Let me know if you can.

11/13/19 04:50 PM #730    


Larry Wilson

  I received word through Dave Roach and some Facebook postings that Ken Koehler passed away.  Right now, I don't have too many details or an obituary, but I will update this as soon as I hear anything.  I guess Ken had been sick.  He passed away Monday morning, November 11th.  There will be a funeral service at Moreland Funeral Home, 55 Schrock Rd in Westerville on Tuesday, November 19th from 4-7 P.M.  This sketch of Ken playing the guitar is, I am sure, how he would want to be remembered.  Rest in peace, Ken.  Our prayers are with his wife, Molly, and all their family.

11/13/19 07:55 PM #731    


Larry Wilson

I found Ken's obituary.  I posted it in the "In Memory" section.  I will also post it here.  Ken is sadly missed by family and friends.  Rest in peace, Ken.


Koehler, Kenneth                                                                                                         
1950 - 2019

Kenneth Wayne Koehler, age 69, passed away Monday, November 11, 2019. Ken was born June 16, 1950 in Lima, Ohio, to the late Frederick and W. Pauline (Lee) Koehler. Kenny was 5 years old when his family moved to live in Germany and Finland. They returned to Newark, Ohio when Ken was 15 years old where he graduated from Newark High School. He joined the U.S. Air Force (Missiles), Wichita, Kansas. After serving, he graduated with an Associates degree in Mechanical Engineering from Central Ohio Technical College. He worked at Owens Corning Fiberglas, Granville, Ohio and later Ross (Abbott Laboratorys) in Columbus, Ohio, as a device technician. Kenneth married Molly Ehret in 1978, and moved to live in Westerville, Ohio. They raised two children, Cassandra and Kyle Koehler. Ken was a talented musician (guitarist) entertaining and playing at establishments, Open Mic Nights, and patios, in the Central Ohio area for years. Ken loved acoustic music and formed many duo acts including Acoustic Attitude, with Julie Ivory, for 15 years. Kens extended family will greet friends and family Tuesday, November 19, at Moreland Funeral Home, Westerville, Ohio from 4-6 PM. Military Service and Life tributes will be from 6-7 PM. In lieu of flowers, contributions can be made in Kens name to: The OSU James Cancer Research Center.

12/03/19 09:44 PM #732    


Mike Kelley

I want to wish everyone in the Newark High Class 68 a Merry Cristmas & A Happy New Year.

04/06/20 03:16 PM #733    


Larry Wilson

Stay well and God be with you all during this crazy time.   May we find an end to this pandemic soon.

04/06/20 10:42 PM #734    


Peggy Gartner (Dunlap)

Hi Larry,

It is really strange times right now.  Staying close to home and taking care of my Mom.  God is Good.  I hope everyone is taking care and being careful.  Love to the Great Class of 1968!


04/06/20 11:35 PM #735    


Bill Orsborn

I have reached out to a few friends from '68. So far, every reply has found them and their families doing well.

Just checking in with the rest of you! Hope you all are well, as Donata and I are. And we're being careful, of course. The Lord is still so good!

I'm using this downtime to get to know Him better, while also looking for work. Not ready to retire, yet.

Please reach out to one another and show them that you truly care. And let others know if you need help or special care.

04/07/20 10:24 AM #736    


Mary Ellen Jackson (Guiler)

Bruce & I are doing fine. Staying in except for necessities. He keeps busy working outside and I keep busy sewing masks, cooking, and keeping in touch with friends and family spread across the country.
Happy 70th to so many of us. As a friend said, we're being asked to check on the elderly, when we realize, hey wait, we are the elderly.

Hope everyone is keeping well while we flatten the curve!


04/07/20 01:39 PM #737    


Patti Ridenour (Adams)

Doing fine down here in Florida, but a little bit bored because it's just the dogs and me in my household. I'm used to spending a great deal of time with my church, unfortunately we now have stay at home and no church services except online. My daughter, that lives locally, is grocery shopping for me because she's concerned with my age! Ha, I'll show her, because I sure don't feel like an elderly person! Everyone take care, but be smart!

04/07/20 02:21 PM #738    


Janet Yost (Maney)

This elderly chick is doing fine.  Being compliant with social distancing/staying at home etc.  had knee replacement recently which confirms elderly status!  But enjoying life,appreciative of all that the first responders are doing, aware that many in our class fell into this catagory whether police, fire or health care.  Take care and be safe to all of you!  I read the newark advocate article about Sharon woods and the staff choosing to stay in the facility for the next three weeks so as not to bring in or take out and any virus.  I was so proud of them!   Newark should be proud


04/07/20 04:47 PM #739    


Roger McDonald

I'm glad that Janet drew attention to those of us who may be in the frontlines of this fight, and indeed, other classmates engaged in the unsung tasks required to keep food and other necessities of body and soul in adequate supply during this crisis.  I am reminded of Lincoln during the early days of the Civil War, who mused that he hoped God was on the side of the Union, but he knew he needed Maryland, Kentucky, and Missouri.  Emily and I have essentially hunkered down with long novels and old films, but the more or less constant wail of sirens here in Brooklyn the past couple of weeks reminds me to tip my facemask to those of you who are doing what needs to be done.  Thanks!

04/08/20 11:52 AM #740    

David Fredrick Smith

I came across an article from The Cincinnati Enquirer of October 23, 1918. It states, "Newark, Ohio, October 22.-With 3,300 cases of Spanish influenza and 50 deaths in the past 10 days local health officials announced to-day that the number of new cases is lower to-day than at any time since the epidemic started. The ban on all public meetings has not been lifted." Things may not change as much as we think. But our personal response may. Stay home, stay safe, stay sane. Dave

04/08/20 11:53 AM #741    

Douglas L. Gage

Who would have thought one 12 oz. Corona could cause so much havoc.

Anyway, I'm holding up well hanging around the house. Thankfully, with 5+ acres of grass, woods, pond and a house I have a lot to keep me busy. I would be climbing the walls otherwise. Glad to hear so many are still doing well and hope that those I haven't heard from are doing likewise.

Be strong. This too will pass!

04/08/20 01:34 PM #742    


Susan Rose

Glad to hear from some folks across the country.  Been staying at home in St Charles, MO for a few weeks now, getting church, meetings, and exercise classes over the internet - just not the same as in person but this too shall pass!  So glad that mom is at Sharonbrooke where, as Janet mentioned, they locked down early and tightly with staff "living in" for the duration.  Several nursing homes in the STL area have unfortunately had pretty serious outbreaks among residents and staff. Stay safe everyone!  And God bless those on the front lines.

04/08/20 06:15 PM #743    


Sharon Courson

Best wishes for good health.  Here in Georgia and near Atlanta we have been on shelter in place for several weeks.  Just got word that is extended through April 30.  As much as I thought I would get so much done, I have to admit little has happened  Except to binge watch some shows I have been wanting to see.  The cats love it that I'm home.  Stay safe and Stop the spread!

04/09/20 09:05 AM #744    


Gary Berry

Happy Holy Week from Washington District of Nuts I mean Columbia it's been a hard month but this has not peaked yet.  I am still working 100% from car surveillance. I see a lot of knuckle heads not social distancing.,The Wharf DC finest outdoor fish market was shut down because folks were on top of each other.  So my friends if you got to go out wear PPE please.  I have a N95 mask and the other type also if you need mask let me know. I have a contact that has them. Stay Safe we have to turn on that light at the end of the tunnel by being safe and home trust me there is nothing out here in these streets but death. 




04/14/20 11:40 AM #745    


Steve Carlson

That must be right Doug becausee I saw it on the internet. I guess I'll haqve to drink Bud light for CINCO DE MAYO. Making sure I don't start a second wave.

04/15/20 05:00 PM #746    


Richard Sunkle

My wife and I are practicing social distancing here in San Diego. We manage to take walks almost daily in our neighborhood, which breaks up the complete isolation. We have seen more neighbors walking, biking and skateboarding than ever before. Yes skateboarding is big here.

We FaceTime with our grandkids in Ohio and here in CA. Thank goodness for FT, Zoom and Skype. We connect with friends via these technologies. 

I too am so grateful for the healthcare workers, first responders and our military, etc. We have family and friends on the front lines of the Covid-19. We need to pray for their protection.

Take care and stay healthy.

Richard Sunkle

05/13/20 01:46 PM #747    


Sharon Courson

This is possibly old news to some but there is a Facebook group called Licking County Treasure Hunters.  It's been fun for me to learn more about my home county.  Some members are researching family history and asking for help.  Others are posting old photos about Buckeye Lake, the Square, etc.  Join us in the discussions!

Also Doug Stout (Facebook same) is posting information about Licking County soldiers.  His research is also very interesting.

Stay safe.  Stay well.  Stay sane during this time of sheltering in place.

07/25/20 01:10 PM #748    


Charles Price


I hop eeveryone is staying safe and healthy during this difficult time. Research from Roger McIntyre's group at the University of Toronto projecrts an increase in suicides of 3,000 to 8,000 due to the pandemic. If you know of someone who seems more depressed during this time, please have them reach out to friends, family and/or a mental health professional.

In addition I came across the following:

A note on history … repeating itself?

Thomas Jefferson became known as a leader of what became the Republican Party of the day and Alexander Hamilton became known as a leader of  what became the Federalist Party of the day.
In 1793 the yellow fever epidemic in Philadelphia had been catastrophic. 
“Partisanship had grown so so fierce even treatments for the disease became politicized. There were now ‘Republican’ and ‘Federalists’ cures. Jeffersonian Benjamin Rush, acknowledged the finest doctor in in town if not the country, used the time-honored if incorrect practices of bleeding and purging. Alexander Hamilton and his family were stricken just when an old friend from Nevis, Dr. Edward Stevens was visiting. A veteran of 'Yellow Jack’ outbreaks in the Caribbean, Stevens administered large doses of ‘Peruvian bark’ - quinine - laced with burnt cinnamon and a nightcap of laudanum. The treatment worked, but Rush, an ardent Republican, dismissed it and went right on bleeding patients which Stevens believed medieval. Rush’s backyard was soon so drenched with blood that he indirectly began to breed countless flies, while his property gave off a ’sickening sweet stench’ to passersby.
From James Monroe - A Life by Tim McGrath referenced from Richard G. Miller, “The Federal City, 1783-1800,” in Philadelphia, 155-207; EricNiderast “Capital in Crisis,” American History Magazine 39, no. 3 (August 2004):n68; Chernov Hamilton, 449; McGrath, John Barry, 415-17; Benjamin Rush Papers, Library Company of Philadelphia
Charles (Chuck) Price

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