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08/25/20 04:02 PM #760    


Diana Holmes (Brown)

Sorry, Yoko. You'll have to wait until after January 20, 2021. That is everything goes the way I hope. Otherwise and until then,  I just can't. 

08/29/20 01:51 PM #761    


Charles Price

"Am I not destroying my enemies when I make friends with them?" - Abraham Lincoln

09/01/20 11:21 AM #762    


Charles Price

Some words to live by. Andrew Jackson after a particularly brutal campaign season with vicious attacks on him and his character and the circumstances of his early relationship with his soon to be wife in speaking at The Hermitage just after the interment of his wife and before assuming the  Presidency. “I can forgive all who have wronged me, but will have fervently to pray that I may have grace to enable me to forget or forgive any enemy who has ever maligned that blessed one who is now safe from all suffering and sorrow, whom they tried to put to shame for my sake.”

09/02/20 09:48 AM #763    


Gary Berry

Richard MIKE Miller passes away this morning in Newark Ohio RIH fellow friend and brother Marine

09/03/20 09:15 AM #764    


Charles Price



Thank you for sharing this with us.

09/03/20 01:16 PM #765    


Larry Wilson

May Mike rest in peace.  Let me know if you see anything about an obituary.  I will post it on our website.

09/04/20 04:13 PM #766    


Larry Wilson

I found the obituary for Mike Miller.  He served in Vietnam and was a Purple Heart recipient.  May Mike rest in peace.

   Newark - Richard "Mike" Miller, age 70, of Newark, passed away Wednesday September 2, 2020 at his home with his loving wife by his side. He was born October 13, 1949 in Newark, Ohio to the late Richard and Wilma (Brookins) Miller.

A graveside service will be held at 2:30 pm Tuesday, September 8, 2020, at Newark Memorial Gardens, with pastor Jerry Boylon officiating. Military honors will be conducted by the Licking County Veterans Alliance.

After graduating from Newark High School, Mike joined the Marines and served in Vietnam. He was the recipient of a Purple Heart along with other various service awards. After serving as a Marine he worked at the Newark Air Force Station for 24 years.

Mike had a great love for his family and friends and was always looking to help those that he could. He was a member of the Marine Corps League and loved going to the beach and riding his motorcycle.

Mike is survived by his wife of 44 years, Cheri (Patterson) Miller. He also leaves behind his daughter, Cynthia Martin; grandchildren, Tyler Sullivan, Tritney and Katelyn Brewer. Great grandchildren, Avery and Kennley Sullivan, and Kaiden Brewer; sister, Linda (Miller) Ponser and her spouse, Gene Ponser; niece, Lisa (Humphrey) and her spouse, Denny Wood; nephew, Shawn (Nicole) Humphrey; great grandchildren, Kai, Kami and Kohen Humphrey.

In addition to his parents he was preceded in death by his son, Jason Michael Miller.

In lieu of flowers, donations can be made to Forever Young Veterans ( and Hospice of Central Ohio, PO Box 430, Newark, Ohio 43058.

To sign an online guestbook, please visit

09/14/20 06:48 AM #767    


Charles Price

“I go to nature to be soothed and healed, and to have my senses put in order.” - John Burroughs

10/31/20 01:06 PM #768    


Charles Price

As this contentious election draws to a close in voting, I thought a ray of sunshine might be helpful. 

As we all know this has been a year with many challenges. My crocus seem to have risen to the challenge to bring a bright spot to the end of October though they were supposed to wait until the Spring. Go figure...


11/01/20 12:15 PM #769    

Deborah Gail Smith (Hall)

Chuck, thank you for posting that bright spot; very comforting to see there are still some “norms” out there!  And I see it was getting pollinated!  I enjoy my Spring flowers as well. 

Deb (Smith) Hall


11/01/20 04:59 PM #770    


Patti Henderson (Patrick)

Thanks for sharing, we certainly can use a bright spot in this weird 2020 year.


04/27/21 11:11 AM #771    


Larry Wilson

Peg just let me know that Dave Wells passed away April 16th.  May Dave rest in peace.

David "Dave" L. Wells

( January 30, 1950 - April 16, 2021 )

David L. “Dave” Wells passed away April 16, 2021 at Licking Memorial Hospital in the Selma Markowitz Hospice unit. He was born to Robert and Carol Wells “who named the child David” on January 30, 1950 in Dayton, OH.

Dave was a 1968 graduate of Newark High School and was a professional mechanic for a large portion of his life. Dave had many joys in life, an excellent sense of humor, and lately, strong political views. He loved jazz, playing the drums, old movies, golf (sometimes), fishing, Cincinnati Reds baseball, and going on motorcycle rides.

He will be missed by his three sisters, Elizabeth and Rosemary Wells and Georgia (Michael) Hartman.

The family would like to thank First Light, Hospice of Central Ohio (especially Larissa) for the kindness, care, and respect they showed to David.

Memorial contributions may be made to Hospice of Central Ohio, 2269 Cherry Valley Rd., Newark, OH 43055.

At David’s request, no funeral services will be held.

04/27/21 03:31 PM #772    


Nancy Baughman (Fetter)

What a smile Dave has in that picture.  May he rest in peace

04/28/21 11:23 PM #773    


John Wise

Dave was a great guy. He was so much fun in school and a good drummer. RIP Dave!

05/12/21 12:14 PM #774    


Roger McDonald

At some point in the history of this site, were pre-2008 entries deleted, or have they been archived somewhere?  I ask because of a wish to review some of my earlier labors on the source for "Gym Jams," and anything pre-2008 has disappeared. (E.g., the current Message #105 refers to a prior #133 etc.)  It would be nice to know we have a relatively complete, secure record of our musings . . . .  Larry, is there an address to which we can direct contributions to help maintain the site?

In any event, a couple more entries in the "jimjams" catalog:  (1) From Charles Portis's True Grit (1968!):  "Keep your eyes open and your horse quiet.  Don't go to sleep and don't get the 'jimjams.'"  And, (2) most definitive, from my grandfather's early 20th-century Merriam-Webster New International Dictionary, after disposing of the then-obsolete definition "gimcrack," "jimjam" (pl.) is defined as "Delirium Tremens. Slang & Vulgar  U.S."

I assume some of you can recall the Delirium Tremens of your Gym Jams daze.


05/13/21 09:50 AM #775    


Larry Wilson

Roger, I don't see anything about archived messages on this site prior to 2008.  If there are, maybe Peg would know where to find them.  There is nothing in the Admin section about that.  As to contributions, the best way to handle that would be to send a check to Linda Brucker, 246 Sherwood Dr N, Newark, OH 43055.

05/14/21 05:17 PM #776    


Janet Yost (Maney)

Roger-if you ever write a book or collection of memories, please alert me as I would be one of the first in line. I am still smiling about the memories you shared honoring David Wells.  I cannot imagine a nicer tribute to him.  Hello to everyone and have a beautiful summer!

05/14/21 11:36 PM #777    


Ronald Larason

Hi Janet, and yes, Roger, delirium tremens indeed for me! My memories of the gym jams include my older brother getting hit by a car and taken to the hospital while dashing across Church Street from a White's Field FB game. Then, observing a bloody fist-fight as I walked home one summer night beside the Raccoon Bridge at Williams Street. Finally, a classmate viciously slapping me across the face as I left the YMCA one night, and never knowing why. The only funny memory is that last dance, the slow one with the lights down low. I seem to recall a monitor walking around with a flashlight warning couples who were getting too close and intimate. I think my last gym jam was the night I was slapped. Maybe I deserved it for going to the gym jams in the first place, but not much else for teens to do in good ole Nerk back then. 

05/16/21 05:43 PM #778    


Gale Cady (Williams)

IF I had ever had the bravery to go to those dances alone - which I did not - I would have spent the night glued to a wall and feeling maybe even worse than I did at the few dances I'd braved in the gym balcony post-football games; that is to say, alone and sad and feeling fat, ugly, unloved and unwanted. So I wish that you and I could have had the bravery to befriend one another back then, and we both might have had not as horrible a time in high school. I was bullied too. One unforgettable classmate shouted out "Mama Cass!" every time he saw me in the halls. I don’t know if he is alive or dead, but I still wish immeasurably bad things befell him. It’s a wonder any of us made it out alive, my friend. All love and happiness to you, wherever you are, and feel this hug I am sending you from Ohio. And a reminder to everyone that the people we were in 1966, '67, or '68 are long gone, and those of you who are still resting on the mental laurels of the illustrious, condescending and pretentious person who felt superior to everyone else that you were back then, you should seriously get over yourselves. Most of us have gone on to greater and better things, some of us have gone on to astounding things, and some of us are dead. 

05/17/21 12:12 PM #779    


Patti Ridenour (Adams)

Gale, I am so sorry for your experiences!!! Some people are just plain cruel!!! I was somewhat shy, a slow reader, and very short, but for some reason, I was not picked on. I became a middle/high school teacher of students with learning disabilities (I didn't go to college until my 40's) and made it perfectly clear that I would not allow any type of bullying or even putdowns in my room or elsewhere. I'm glad that you didn't let that keep you from being the person that you are today.

05/17/21 02:56 PM #780    


Roger McDonald

I did not intend to reopen any old wounds, physical or psychological, from a merely linguistic interest in the source of the phrase "jimjams," long ago converted by some unknown local wag into "Gym Jams."  I avoided such scars by cowering, on dance nights, at home behind geometry and Latin texts.  This strategy may have left its own subtle injuries, but far too late to worry about that now.  Strange, though, to find myself this past dismal year once again cowering, on Covid days, at home behind geometry and Latin texts!

05/17/21 05:45 PM #781    


Charles Price

What wonderful responses I am reading from the post by Roger. Sharing some past not so pleasant experiences can be healing. Being super shy in high school was my norm as well. Took the tact of academics and sports to diversify. Still pretty much on the reserved side though I have engaged in many organizations to mitigate this. Working as a psychiatrist has aloowed my own growth to be put to use helping others. Perhaps that is why I haven't retired yet. Thanks to Roger, Lary, Janet, Ron, Gale and Patti for the recent posts. Perhaps we have discovered another benefit of this forum.

05/23/21 09:06 PM #782    


Larry Wilson

We lost another classmate - Kathy Schaller Johnson.  Our prayers go out to her husband, Dave Johnson, also a classmate, and their family.  Her obituary is still pending, but I will post it when it comes out.  May Kathy Rest In Peace.

05/24/21 07:39 AM #783    


Deborah Hall (Barlow)

I am so sorry to hear about the loss of Kathy Schaller Johnson. My heart and prayers go out to Dave and Kathy's family. Kathy and I were neighbors and close friends. I have so many happy memories of the fun times we shared together.....elementary school, junior high and high school.  I was so glad I had the opportunity to see her at our 50th reunion. I was blessed to have her as a friend.  Larry, thank you for sharing this very sad news.

05/24/21 10:08 AM #784    


Janet Yost (Maney)

I share Debbie's feelings.  I smiled when I remembered her stories about the summer she worked scooping ice cream.   She was one that made us laugh.  I too was so happy to see her at the reunion.  Like so many others, it was too long between times of seeing each other.
take care All of you!

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