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12/01/16 07:16 PM #398    


Barb Compton (Maier)

How About a Shout-Out for the Class of 68!  The Newark High School Athletic Hall of Fame will be inducting another alumnus from our great class of 68 in February of 2017.  It is Cary Mitchell and he is the 4th member of our class to be honored.  As the famed local sportscaster Jimmy Crum of Channel 4 used to say, How about the sports fans!  Cary will be joining fellow 68er's Tom Jefferson, Charlie Snow, and Tony Campolo in the Hall.  By the way, my husband John who is former teacher and coach with the Newark City School District for over 30 years and also a 1970 Newark High graduate, nominated Cary and also Charlie Snow.  Our class now has four inductees and is the only one with four besides the class 70.  Not to take anything away from the 1970 class but two of its members are honoary whereas our class has no honorary members (they are full-fledged members and were outstandiing athletes).  By the way, my hubby also nominated John Snow and Denny Odle from the 70 class.  In addition, the class of 1967 has three outstanding athletes who are inductees- Ray Hupp, Mike Foote and Mike Hannah (my hubby also nominated Mike Hannah).  Way to go Cary and Congrats!

12/06/16 09:46 AM #399    


Gale Cady (Williams)

Barb, you are so right-on! It's too bad that our school (like everywhere else in America) did not have official sports for girls, because you and Peg would certainly have been on those teams! 

12/08/16 07:31 PM #400    


Peggy Gartner (Dunlap)

Thank you Gale.  There were many good lady athletes in the Great Class of 1968.  Thank goodness for intramurals. :) 

I am thankful things have changed and thankful for all of the school's competitive girl teams they have now!  I have four granddaughters who play sports and they are all pretty good.  I am thankful they are able to participate and who knows....someday maybe they will be in the Hall Of Fame. 

12/09/16 08:16 AM #401    


Gary Berry

Peg you were one hell of a athlete! My daughter benefitted scholar athlete and 4 year ride at Purdue in soccer made me  proud !

12/10/16 07:16 PM #402    


Peggy Gartner (Dunlap)

Thank You Gary!  You should be very proud of your daughter!!  What a wonderful accomplishment :)

12/24/16 12:25 PM #403    


Mike Kelley

Julie and Me would like to wish everyone from the Class of 68 a very MERRY CHRISTMAS and a HAPPY NEW YEAR.

01/01/17 12:07 PM #404    

Douglas L. Gage



It's a little late, all right, a lot late, but best wishes to you and Julie throughout the upcoming year!

01/01/17 08:20 PM #405    


Mike Kelley

Thanks Doug !!!!!!!


01/30/17 12:36 PM #406    


Larry Wilson

Just noticed in today's Advocate the loss of another classmate - Ken Molden.  Rest in peace, Ken.

01/31/17 06:22 PM #407    

Spencer Null

Talked to Cary Mitchell last night. He will not be back for his induction into the NHS athletic hall of fame but said he would like to come to the 50 year reunion  


05/15/17 12:27 PM #408    


Roger McDonald

Here is something a little different . . . .  The Wall Street Journal has been running an occasional series on U.S. regional cuisine, stuff like Cajun Crayfish Crumble and Cape Cod Chowder Cake, all the usual suspects.  But I nearly tumbled off the divan last Saturday at the sight of "Central Ohio:  Johnny Marzetti."  The recipe consisted of pasta, beef, Italian tomatoes, onions, mushrooms, and wheelbarrow loads of cheddar cheese baked into a caloric bombshell.  (To me, the only safe way to eat it seemed to require immediate participation in five marathons, assuming post-consumption movement was possible.)  The article's author waxed nostalgic about how much he enjoyed the dish at his school cafeteria back in the '70s.  Do I have a vague memory of its appearance at Newark High?  Anyone with fond Johnny Marzetti memories?  Are you now serving it to the grandkids?  Innovative variations?  The Forum is open . . . .

05/15/17 03:46 PM #409    


Gale Cady (Williams)

"Johnny Marzetti" was, indeed, a thing they sometimes served in the cafeteria; I am not one for pasta that has sat on a steam table for hours, so it was not one of my favorites, but the same cannot be said for creamed turkey/chicken on a biscuit, which I loved - it was the only time I bought lunch. The rest of the time, it was PB on wheat with a minibox of raisins and a carton of milk (I still eat that lunch, too wink )

Speaking of lunch and random memories, Tony Campolo, do you remember the time you opened my brown bag lunch in the big 101 study hall that we had immediately before lunch (which is why I brought my lunch to study hall)? I think it was the only time I ever got in any sort of trouble at school, ever; I yelled at you and Mrs. Slay (the Latin teacher with the pretty legs) stomped over and told me to "quiet down, young lady!" For me, this was the equivalent of being sent to the office; I never, ever got in trouble in school. hahaha! This is a funny and favorite memory. After years of teaching high school, looking back, I was such a school geek, and I guess I still am. I love school, which is why I became a teacher, I guess. 

05/16/17 11:59 AM #410    


Sharon Courson

I remember Johnny Marzetti on the lunch menu.  Anyone attend Newark Township School before it became Newark Elementary?  Prior to the merge with the city, our lunches were prepared on-site by local mothers.  So rather than an institutional menu, we were served freshly prepared lunches.  I can remember walking into the school and the smells of sweets or yeast rolls baking.  Makes my mouth water just thinking about it!

05/16/17 12:30 PM #411    


Gale Cady (Williams)


I think you mean North Elementary, on Deo Drive, right? It used to be in the township, but years ago was made part of the city when most of the surrounding neighborhood was, and then it was torn down a few years ago. The school board made no attempt to salvage it or the gorgeous hand-made tiles along its hallways, so all that is there now is a field of grass.sad  The lunches you enjoyed there sound WONDERFUL! Wow! 

05/16/17 01:20 PM #412    


Sharon Courson

Right - North Elementary on Deo Dr.  I hate that they tore it down.  I haven't been back to Newark in decades.  I imagine there's been a lot of change.

05/16/17 05:07 PM #413    

David Roach

During the late '50's - early '60's my grandfather on my mother's side was a custodian at North Elementary. This was the same years my family and I lived in northern OH. Cuyahoga Falls, in fact. His name: Ross Van Winkle. The first name everyone called him: Rip.    

05/16/17 09:00 PM #414    


Kris Glaser (Beebe)

The meals at NHS were prepared on site -  building "B" I think, filled the carts and then rolled them down the sidewalks to the 3 lunchrooms.  Of course they also filled carts that were hauled by truck to the various other schools in the area so they did have an "institutional" flair.  I worked in the lunchrooms first wiping tables and later as a cashier.  I remember the day they ran out of food the last lunch period - they took those of us needing a lunch up to building B and fed us in there.  Don't remember what they served.

05/17/17 10:20 AM #415    


Jane Michener (Heston)

Hope everyone is putting a few dollars a week back so they are able to come to the 50th reunion next year. I know I am. Need to buy an airline ticket, greatful I have family to stay with so don't need a hotel stay. Looking  forward to seeing local and traveling classmates. Can you believe 50 years. 

05/17/17 11:22 AM #416    


Sharon Courson

David - I remember Mr. Van Winkle.  Small world.

05/17/17 02:04 PM #417    

David Richards

Anybody know why it's called "Johnny"  Marzetti, instead of just marzetti? Who was this guy?


05/17/17 03:09 PM #418    


Malcolm Montgomery

I don't know about the "Johnny" part, but I think the recipe was borrowed from Marzetti's Restaurant in Columbus (on Broad St., I think). I remember eating it there a couple of times and Mom made it a lot at home.

05/17/17 03:14 PM #419    


Gale Cady (Williams)

Malcolm is right, it originated at Marzetti's Restaurant in Columbus. 

According to that pantheon of credibility, Wikipedia ( wink ), the original owner of the restaurant was Teresa Marzetti, and, well, here you go:
Johnny Marzetti originated in Columbus, Ohio at Marzetti's, an Italian restaurant established in 1896 at Woodruff Avenue and High Street by an Italian immigrant named Teresa Marzetti.[2][3] One of the dishes Marzetti offered her customers was a baked casserole of ground beef, cheese, tomato sauce, and noodles that she named for her brother-in-law, Johnny.[4] Teresa Marzetti was the first person to serve the casserole Johnny Marzetti in a restaurant.[5] Proximity to the nearby Ohio State University helped the first restaurant succeed and spread Marzetti's fame.[6]

By the 1920s, it had become popular across Ohio and the Midwestern United States. The original restaurant closed in 1942, but a second location, opened in 1919, remained in operation until Teresa Marzetti died in 1972.[7] Marzetti's later became known for various salad dressings, which are still produced under the T. Marzetti Company label."

05/17/17 03:38 PM #420    


Sharon Courson

Here's a history link.


05/19/17 04:04 PM #421    


Roger McDonald

Toss a little pasta pebble into the still waters of the Class of '68, and see what interesting ripples ensue . . . .  Meanwhile, Emily is pleading with me not to proceed with my plan to cook up a vat of JM.  Perhaps she'll fall for the argument that the experiment is essential to a doctrine of Historical Dietary Locavorism, or HDL:  Yes, you can eat "back home" again, at least once.

05/20/17 08:02 PM #422    


Roger McDonald

On a far more somber note, I want to acknowledge the death of Mike Stansell.  Mike did not graduate from NHS, having moved to Heath at some point, but he enlivened the young lives of us who attended Cherry Valley Elementary and Wilson Junior High.  As a kid, he carried some extra weight that he lightened with a great sense of humor and, in my memory, a sweet and kindly disposition.  He played for a short time with the Sticks and Stones.  Had he remained in Newark, he would have made a great addition to the '68 roster.  Godspeed, Mike.

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