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08/01/17 11:48 PM #449    


Peggy Gartner (Dunlap)

Hi Everyone.....Our organizational meeting for our  "50th" class reunion has been set.  We are going to meet Wednesday, August 16 at 5:00 pm.  We are going to meet on the Patio at the Elements.  The Elements is the restaurant located in the Hotel....Downtown Newark on the corner of 2nd and Church Street.  

***Anyone and Everyone from the Great Class of Newark 1968 who would like to help with planning and putting together our "50th" Class Reunion is invited to be a part of this spectacular event.  50 years WOW.

Hope to see you there smileyyes

08/13/17 11:07 PM #450    


Peggy Gartner (Dunlap)

Just a reminder....we will be meeting Wednesday, August 16-5:00 PM at the Elements in downtown Newark on the Patio for our  "50th" class reunion!

Hope to see many classmates! smiley

08/18/17 08:24 AM #451    


Larry Wilson

Glad to be helping with the website.  I have turned on some of the photo gallery features.  Any ideas are welcome.  Peg, you have been doing a wonderful job, and I'm glad to be able to help.  Looking forward to working on the reunion to be held August 24, 25, and 26, 2018!

08/19/17 01:25 PM #452    


Malcolm Montgomery

Happy birthday, Peggy! I hope you have a wonderfaul day, and thank you for all you do fur the Class of '68!

08/19/17 08:44 PM #453    

Janet Yost (Maney)

First of all thanks to Peggy and the committee for all the hard work over the last 50 years keeping us together!   Most appreciated. I realize that my first update was quite scant.  I would love to tour the campus.  In a moment I can place myself in the lunchroom,the hallways, the gym or white field and picture many of us!  Such wonderful memories.   Also the trout club would be great but any place is fine.   I was with Debbie hall Barlow last weekend and had to pull out my year book once I got home.      PErsonal update-  bill and I have been married since 1971- the most wonderful person who manages to out up with me!   We have 4 sons- all in Cinti-all married   We have 6 grandchildren and one on the way.   Lived in apple valley (mt Vernon) full time for  three years and ended up working for hospice of central Ohio  located in Newark  the best hospice of all I have worked for-you should be very proud!    Currently still working part time as it envigorates me   But looking to retirement at some point     Will be at reunion    I clued margaret Jenkins in as she is not on web site   Debbie hall had to clue me in!  Looking forward!


08/19/17 10:45 PM #454    


Peggy Gartner (Dunlap)

Thank You Malcolm for the Birthday wishes!  I had a Wonderful Day.

Thank You Larry, I am so excited to have you on board and helping with this website smiley

Thank You Janet for your kind words.  I am looking forward to all of the help and getting our 50th off to a great start.  Again, anyone wishing to help, please come to the Elements in downtown Newark on September 11 at five oclock!!

The Date for our "50th" has been set for August 24, 25 and Tour on the 26th!


08/21/17 10:59 AM #455    


Deborah Hall (Barlow)

Peggy, thank you and your committee for organizing and planning our 50th reunion.  I am looking forward to coming back to Newark and reconnecting with classmates. It has been over 10 years since my husband , Jack, and I have been back. My younger brother, Dave, still lives in Newark but we usually get together at different venues. I have lived in Connecticut since 1977. I have two children and we have five grandchildren.  I worked as a physician assistant for 32 years and am retired. I love having the time to travel and spend time with our family. It was great spending time with Janet (Yost) Maney and her husband, Bill last weekend. I've marked our calendar for August 24th-26th next year. Great idea touring the new high school. Thanks again.



08/22/17 04:14 PM #456    


Larry Wilson

We are looking for pictures from prior reunions, high school life, or even old baby pictures!  Please send them to the Facebook page or message me if you have Messenger (Facebook).  We would like to post these on this website as a collage or slideshow, as well as use them at the reunion next year.

08/23/17 02:31 PM #457    


Marian Williams (Spivey)

I have a couple of Reveille Reviews I will donate.  How do I get them to you

08/23/17 09:18 PM #458    


Larry Wilson

Hi, Mariane.  If you are on Messenger (Facebook), you can scan the document and send it as a PDF attachment to me.

09/19/17 11:23 AM #459    


Peggy Gartner (Dunlap)

Hello Everyone,

Just an update.  Our committee met on September 11.  We have been discussing many options for our class reunion and we are all amazed at the higher prices that are being charged for obtaining venues and for providing food for our "50th" Class Reunion.  We are doing our very best to keep the prices down.  We have never charged more than $25/$30.00 per person for any of our class reunions and we will do our best to get the best price possible.

Our next meeting is October 16 at 6:00 PM at Second Baptist Church.  We could use several more people to help with the planning and coordinating of our "50th" Class Reunion.  Please consider joining our group. we NEED YOU smiley


09/19/17 03:27 PM #460    


Gilbert Kerns

Hello Committee and Peggy,

It might be helpful to post committee meeting minutes and a list of resources that may be needed, for example, when it comes to venue options what has already been explored, are there options for locations that cater and/or allow others to cater, or is there a possibility for something like a pot luck or picnic?.  Are we keeping this simple or trying to out do ourselves?  Has anyone done a head count to see a potential attendance number?  Sorry to be a chatter box, so I'll just hope for a response.  Thanks so much.

09/19/17 03:54 PM #461    

Kathy Applegate (Danner)


This is Kathy Applegate (Danner).  I would be glad to work on our Reunion and will plan to attend the next  meeting on October 16th unless we are out of town.   My husband and I have tentative plans but they may change to a week later, in which case, I will be able to attend the meeting.  I look forward to seeing some of you that I haven't seen in yikes! a half century.  

09/19/17 04:01 PM #462    


Larry Wilson

We are not soliciting funds for the 50th reunion, but some people have generously offered with donations to help the cause.  If you would like to do that, please send your donations to Linda (Miller) Brucker, 246 Sherwood Dr, N, Newark, OH 43055.  Thank you for wanting to make this a GREAT event!

09/19/17 04:09 PM #463    


Larry Wilson

In a previous post (Mariane Spivey), I thought the Reveille Review was like a newsletter.  Those kind of documents can be sent to me as PDF's, but the yearbooks (Reveille) can best be dropped off with a committee member (maybe at one of our committee meetings?).  Thanks for all your contributions!

09/19/17 04:16 PM #464    


Larry Wilson

We have a Facebook page - check it out!  If you have any input or ideas about the page, please let me know.  I could always use a little expertise and creativity to add to the site.

09/20/17 10:46 AM #465    


Nancy Baughman (Fetter)

Hi, everyone. I would like to thank all those '68 members who are working on our 50th reunion.  Can't believe it has been that long. God willing, Steve and I will be there.  I was wondering if there is anything I can do from afar; now or after the the final planning.  I would be willing to help in any way.  Have a wonderful day everyone.

09/20/17 07:16 PM #466    


Jane Michener (Heston)

Nancy I'm echoing your response and can help from afar or when I'm in the area. 

09/21/17 04:53 PM #467    


Peggy Gartner (Dunlap)

To answer Gilbert's questions.  Yes, we have contacted most places in and around Newark.  We are gathering prices.  Some of the places allow caterers and some do not.  The places are quite pricey to rent for the evening.  We are still exploring all of our options and hope to make a choice soon.  As for a potluck or picnic, the committee was not in favor of this at all. 

Again, our next meeting is October 16, at 6:00 PM at Second Baptist Church-19 W. National Drive  Newark.  We invite any class of 1968 member to join us and be a part of the planning!smileyyes

Nancy and Jane, we are looking for people to help with honoring our classmates who have passed oncrying   It could be done from afar,  You both could collaborate together if you thought you might want to do that.  All the ones I know of are on the website.  If you want to send me an e-mail, I can give you ideas that the Class of 67 had for their classmates at their reunion in August.

Thanks for your comments and suggestions.  You can send me a separate e-mail if you have any other questions and don't want to post them on the message forum.


10/03/17 03:22 PM #468    


Larry Wilson

Mary Etta Daniels was a classmate of ours.  She passed away in 2014.  We are so sorry this was overlooked.  May she rest in peace, and may her memory live on in her friends and family.  Her obituary is listed in the "In Memory" section.  Thank you, Diana Holmes Brown for bringing this to our attention.

10/11/17 07:28 PM #469    


Gary Berry


Hello 68

Does anyone have any hooks to purchase Army Navy Game tix in December 17 thanks 


10/12/17 02:48 PM #470    


Oletta Bond (Wade)

The only hooks to purchase tix I could help anyone would be Ohio State games.

10/12/17 04:19 PM #471    

Virginia Steinbower (Crowe)

Looking forward to the 50th! 

10/14/17 10:09 AM #472    


Peggy Gartner (Dunlap)

Just a REMINDER.....Any and all classmates are invited and encouraged to help with our "50th" Class Reunion.

Reunion meeting Monday, October 16 at 6:00 PM.  Second Baptist Church, 19 West National Drive in Newark. 

Thank You!


10/16/17 10:15 PM #473    


Larry Wilson

Just found out that Ron Butler passed away September 19.  His funeral was September 26 in Worthington.  May he rest in peace and his family be consoled.

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