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06/01/17 10:46 AM #424    


Margaret Freytag (Stewart)

Being from out of state and needing to most likely fly in, I vote wholeheartedly still for fall.  Fares are cheaper, travel easier, and given I fly nowhere without padding extra time if I'm going to pay for flights, we could enjoy the crisp fall air and autumn colors as opposed to hot and sticky humid summer.  I rarely can motivate myself to leave where I'm from in the summer as that is our "season" with our only good weather of the year. Once again, that original date was a weekend when OSU does not have a game; we'd arrive earlier and see the color. 

06/02/17 11:01 AM #425    


Patti Ridenour (Adams)

I know I was raised there in Newark and moved my jurnior year, but I still consider Newark High "my school" and I agree, fall would be wonderful!  I haven't been back durning the fall at all and since I now live in Florida, I don't get to see the fall colors.   In case you can't figure out who I was, this is how I looked waaay back in 1966, which is when I moved.

07/11/17 12:24 PM #426    


Mike Kelley

Any ideas about where to have our 50th Class Reunion and looks like early fall.


07/12/17 06:37 AM #427    


Stephen Fetter

Any idea on how many will be attending?

07/12/17 03:16 PM #428    


Malcolm Montgomery

You can put me on the "mebbe" list. IF I can get back next year, it will likely be in July (I fully understand why Margaret doesn't want to give up one minute of a Puget Sound summer). I'd be driving, and the mountains and plains can be iffy even in early October. Or, they could be gorgeous; it's a roll of the dice.  But my health isn't the greatest. I'll have to re-evaluate next spring.

07/12/17 04:00 PM #429    


Susan Rose

RE 50th reunion - my vote would be late Sep or latest, the first weekend in Oct.  Trout Club did a nice job on our 30th. Suggest buffet dinner (better for mixing than a sit-down dinner and more likely to please everyone) with pay- as- you-go bar for those who wish to imbibe whatever.  Think the idea to make a 68 class donation to the "Stand up for College (?) fund" is great.  Don't think we need any loud entertainment either - would like to be able to visit with my classmates without screaming!

07/12/17 04:30 PM #430    

John Babcock

I'm in , any date is good with me .

07/13/17 09:11 AM #431    


Gary Berry

Send a date always looking for ways to get out of DC. Everyone be safe! 

07/13/17 10:43 AM #432    

Kenneth Ramsey

I'm in for when or where ever.

07/13/17 05:00 PM #433    

David Richards

I like the buffet idea too - and the idea of a little fall air. Pretty hot in our part of California in the summer.

07/13/17 11:11 PM #434    


Patti Ridenour (Adams)

I plan on coming because I haven't seen any of you since 1966, which is when I moved from Newark.  However I did see about 3 people when I came up for the multi-year reunion in 2013.

07/13/17 11:39 PM #435    

Esther Hollingshead (Chapel)

Looking forward to seeing everyone!

07/14/17 01:12 PM #436    


Peggy Gartner (Dunlap)

Hello Everyone!!  Hope to get a meeting set up in the next few weeks to set a date for our "50th" Class Reunion. I will be getting in touch with Jan, Charlotte, Donna and Donetta.  Anyone else wanting to help or be a chairperson is more than welcome to join.  I will put the date and time on message board as soon as we get it confirmed with everyone.

Feedback I have received is leaning toward Fall-September.  We will be looking at  September 7, 8, 9 or 14, 15, 16.  Also, most people seemed to like the idea of supporting "Call to College."  I have been in contact with Sarah Wallace and Diane DeLawder (board of Call to College.)  They were very excited our class was thinking about doing this for our "50th"

I hope everyone is well and enjoying life to the fullest.  Looking forward to seeing everyone and how beautiful we all still are....inside and out in our unique special way.

Take Care and God Bless!

Love to you all....Peg

07/14/17 02:17 PM #437    


Margaret Freytag (Stewart)

I can only attend if in October.  I am already booked for Hawaii for September.  September is totally out for me. I had originally put in that later October date because it was a weekend when Ohio State, according to the internet at the time I looked it up, would not be playing and attendance at both high school and at my college are  hugely impacted by the Ohio State games and because if paying for flights and lodging, I prefer cooler weather with fall color and staying in Ohio at least a week.

07/14/17 04:39 PM #438    


Paul Miller

Hello all NHS68 co-conspirators, Paul Miller the 3rd, last of his name (GoT reference) responding.  Personal to Malcolm Montgomery, I will drive us to the reunion whenever, so no excuses.  To all other interested parties, I still reside in Spokane, WA, been here since 1976, retired in November 2010 after 22 years with Hewlett-Packard and 7 years with Keytronic all in Liberty Lake, WA performing customer service in electronics manufacturing.  Leisure activities include plenty of golf and watching my two sons raise my six granddaughters.

 I am currently in Southern CA in Desert Hot Springs (about 15 miles north of Palm Springs) as a care-giver for my 88 year old mother. I have been here for the last 20 months assisting here through multiple medical issues, eyes, heart and kidneys.  She is slowly improving in all of these areas, with the grace of God and caring physicians.  Her improvement allows me to squeeze in two or three rounds of golf a month, wind and temperature permitting.  Thanks to the internet I have all of my financial and household accounts online and can manage all from anywhere with direct deposits and auto payments giving me ample flexibility for personal pursuits.

My youngest brother, Ed, is retiring from Boeing in September after his wife retired in April.  They reside in San Clemente, CA overlooking the Pacific ocean and the Dana Point marina.  If I am still here next year they will tend to my mother's needs.  My sister, Debbie, just retired from Warner-Robbins AFB in GA at the end of June and she and husband Duane Hall frequently visit their kids and grand kids in Heath and Delaware, OH.

The last reunion I attended was our 25 year, so I am expecting to remain in better-than-average health (I can still carry my golf bag for 36 holes in one day) and enjoy the 50 year reunion and festivities.  Between Malcolm and myself, we likely have plenty of family in the surrounding Newark area to accommodate an extended visit.  Looking forward to the opportunity to see fellow classmates after all this time.  Sorry for this lenghty reply.

07/17/17 10:05 PM #439    


Jan Carol Burch (Campbell)

So glad to hear from you Paul. Your mother is very blessed to have you caring for her. Glad she is doing better.Looking forward to talking to you at the reunion. Jan Burch Campbell.

07/17/17 10:59 PM #440    


Peggy Gartner (Dunlap)

Hi Paul....Great to hear from you.  Looking forward to seeing you at our reunion!  Are you still bowling?

07/18/17 07:48 AM #441    


Dennis Dew

Will be at the reunion.....

07/18/17 11:53 AM #442    


Steve Carlson

    I guess I'll come. Been to the others. Maybe I'll  be back to a cane by then.

07/19/17 11:01 AM #443    


Charles Koblentz

I plan on attending.  Looking forward to seeing folks.  

07/19/17 05:01 PM #444    


Paul Miller

I am planning to be there and I expect to drag Malcolm Montgomery with me from WA state.  Could be one hell-of-a road trip both ways, both of us retired and no one to ask for permission.  My thoughts are to spend some time with our vets at a Legion or VFW post for a short time and huddle up with our left-coast transplants to see what a "long strange trip it has been", everybody has a story.  Anyone with thoughts is the same direction?  I know that Malcolm and I were able to get together with Beth Wilson (Hershey) in Liberty Lake, WA after a very unusual phone call between two Hewlett-Packard employees.  Who knows what paths have crossed unaware?  I found out Malcolm lived only 90 miles from me after I attended the 25th reunion and we have hooked up many times since then and it is great to see someone from home on occasion.

And Peggy Gartner (Dunlap), I had been bowling in leagues since AJBC in 1962 and ABC starting in 1968 until I had to come to SoCal in January of 2016.  I had only been bowling one night a week for the past 25 years and my average has dropped from a high of 208 down to 185 as I like to switch my frustration from golf in the summer to bowling in the winter, never knowing which sport was going to have the higher or lower average.  I did try my hand at duck-pins while in Maryland and candle-pins in Maine while continuing in ten-pin leagues in both states.  I also picked up league darts since 1976, going from steel-tips to plastic.  Are you still active in sports?

07/19/17 06:27 PM #445    

David Roach

I still like the idea of scheduling a tour of the new high school, if possible. I no longer am a 'Nerk-ite,' but live on the east side of Columbus. That's not exactly on the 'left coast', like Paul and Malcolm. LOL  So, if there's no one else to see about the school tour, contact me and I'll help. Also, I had an a idea about the place where its held, and this could make all happy: have a side room with a DJ and music and a separate big room for talking. I'll be there, 

07/19/17 06:27 PM #446    

David Roach

I still like the idea of scheduling a tour of the new high school, if possible. I no longer am a 'Nerk-ite,' but live on the east side of Columbus. That's not exactly on the 'left coast', like Paul and Malcolm. LOL  So, if there's no one else to see about the school tour, contact me and I'll help. Also, I had an a idea about the place where its held, and this could make all happy: have a side room with a DJ and music and a separate big room for talking. I'll be there, 

07/19/17 07:29 PM #447    


Dan McElroy

I'll be there wherever, whenever, and however!

07/19/17 09:46 PM #448    


Roger McDonald

I had planned to be retired by Fall 2018, but this got shoved back a semester, but I will try to get there whenever held.  Meanwhile, to whet the '68 appetites, here is the Johnny Marzetti I whipped up, using the vehicle of a family visit to defeat uxorial oppostion to the calories.  It was pretty good, especially when washed down with rivers of a cheap Italian red.

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